Sunday, June 5, 2011

In this painting I've tryed with liquid watercolor.. It was interesting to use.. quite brilliant and intense colors..

I'm afraid was not very good choise the color selection for the face, looks like she burned with the sun ^^

And this one using traditional watercolor..


  1. Ey, pero si esta señorita también pinta además de animar. Y además con acuarelas! Muy chulas las pinturas. El arte tradicional es muy especial. Te sigo!

  2. I guess by liquid watercolor, you mean opaque and with traditional, you mean transparent. I think the top image looks like more opaque medium, and the bottom looks more transparent. The thing that gives transparent watercolor such a nice feel is the ability to layer colors and use the white of the paper. With opaque watercolor, it is easy for the colors to feel very flat and to get muddy. You seem to have used the medium well for both.

  3. Guys, sorry for replying soooo late.
    I've been out from blogger a long time!...

    Hey Luis!
    Jaja muchas gracias por pasarte, tío! Me alegra que te gusten mis pinturillas ;)

    Wren! =)
    I'm not sure about the opaque and transparent. Do you mean Gouache?
    The liquid waterecolor you are still able to aply one layer on top of other and still looking behind.
    The liquid watercolor is the one that is not made by pigments as the traditional, is made by colouring, so they dont leave sediments and is more brilliant than the tradicional paint..

    Is this one:

    The colors are more brilliant and powerful, but I dont know.. I still loving the traditional paints =)

    Thanks Wren for dropping by!