Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jellyfish's amusement park‏

Well..I know is not so alike, but imagine this is a jellyfish =)
There are these jets coming out of the sea floor. So, the jellyfish can go on top of one of these and... have fun!! :D


  1. How wonderful and dreamy this image is. The sea floor reminds me of the moon in the little prince, with its hand full of little volcanoes. The jellyfish has a wonderful, blob-ish expression. What is the blue that you used? I'm amazed by its depth, particularly on the bottom right - is it ultra-marine?

  2. Hey you are right about the floor, seems like volcanoes as well!! hehe cool!
    Thanks Wren for sharing your impresion ;)

    The blue on top is cerulean blue and for the bottom, as you thought, I used ultra marine blue, Applying it on the wet paper with very concentrated pigment in the brush, it expanded very nicelly =)