Sunday, November 21, 2010

Live drawing


  1. Thanks for posting these - I can see some that were used as the basis for the watercolors from your earlier post. I think that the watercolor brought more life and expression to the drawing, but the drawings have a very nice flow of line.


  2. Thanks Wren!
    Nice to see you like my drawins!
    I agree with you, the watercolor give to the drawings more personallity.
    I'm trying latelly to use watercolor in the session. But is still to hard for me in so little time, although it is a great practice, so I'll keep paint there!

    Btw.. You told me about the weird faces you see in the people when they see you using watercolors... After seeing your stuff, I think they were simply stunned by the way you paint and the great result you achieve! ^^ hehe