Sunday, October 31, 2010

New updates

It's being a while since the last time I updated something, but I've continued painting from time to time, and finally I've been able to register myself at live drawing! :). It is going great so far, I'll upload some of the drawings as soon as I have my scanner again.
Meanwhile here you are some of my new watercolors... I hope you enjoy them =)

These ones are bases in the live drawing sessions..


  1. Very nice painting - thanks for showing some of your life drawing - or painting. When I go to the life drawing sessions and everyone else has their charcoals and pencils and pads, I get lots of funny looks when I break out the watercolors. The two nudes are really nice - great light. Also like the study of the guy on the couch - really nice darks.


  2. Thanks Wren for dropping by and comment on my work :)
    Hehe I can image the faces! :)
    I have here the good luck that there are people using all kind of materials for their paintings, only oil and acrylic are used in the long time sessions.
    It is very nice to see all the people drawing with the same model, but with different styles and techniques :)
    In these watercolors I've uploaded, I drew first a rough figure in the 2 minutes sessions, and then, once at home, I worked them further and painted them.
    But this weekend I have plans to bring with me the watercolor to the sessions^^ I'm looking forward to paint there as well, lets see how it goes and lets see the faces!! hehe I'll let you know :)