Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some watercolors more

Hello again! =)
Here are some watercolors I did this days. I also wanted to try ink this time, but the quill is enormously difficult!!! :S hehe.

Lets see how will be the next ones!!


  1. Hey Cristina!

    These are great! I especially love your choice of colour and that you're still getting loads of personality into your painted poses (even the elephant looks like he's in a jolly mood!) :-D.


  2. these are beautiful, really like the feeling of the colour so calm, nice work

  3. Thank you guys!!
    I'm glad to see you over here... And I'm glad you like them! =)

  4. Hola Cristina, me gustan tus acuarelas(y las animaciones en 3D son alucinantes), sobre todo la que te sirve de fotografia, es fantastica.
    Mucha suerte en el Circulo